Wheel Cleaner

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18 fl oz / 532 mL

A spotless car with dirty wheels is a job half done. TriNova’s Wheel Cleaning Gel is a premium spray that will give your wheels back their original shine by melting away dirt and grime such as brake dust, oil residue and other stubborn stains with ease. This acid-free formula is safe for use on chrome, as well as polished and painted alloy wheels, and will not interfere with wheel coatings, lug nuts or brake systems. 

Apply an even coat to wheel from 6-8 inches away and let stand for 2 minutes.

Agitate with a soft bristled brush or sponge.


Rinse thoroughly with water. 

"I've seen a lot of wheel cleaners in 40 years of driving. Some work, some are so-so. And then some really impress. The TriNova definitely impressed me. And I didn't give it an easy test, either. My Dad passed away recently, and I retrieved his pickup last weekend to sell it. It's a 2000 Model F150, and Dad didn't believe in washing vehicles. Ever. For any reason. So, this truck has been sitting outside in the weather for 17 years without any cleaning whatsoever. and the brake dust was coating the wheels and the white lettering on the tires was streaming down the black sidewall.

"I gave each of the front wheels a thorough spray of the TriNova, waited a couple of minutes per the instructions, then started wiping with a wet wash mitt. The years of grime and dirt just wiped away. A quick spray with the hose and they were squeaky clean. The finish on the wheels is a little deteriorated from years of neglect, but by gosh they're CLEAN. And if this stuff can clean those, it should be able to handle any normal cleaning chore..." - 1/26/2017