Wheel Cleaner

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18 fl oz / 532 mL
  • Removes Unwanted Grime - TriNova's Wheel Cleaner is a premium spray that will give your dirty wheels back their original shine by melting away dirt and grime that accumulates from things like brake dust and oil residue. This spray even works to fight against snow and salt that can ruin the appearance of your wheels in the wintertime.
  • Tough on Stains to Restore Shine - This spray easily restores the original shine to your car wheels or rims by tackling even the toughest stains that have set in from exposure to damaging elements over time. TriNova's uses a powerful concentrated formula to penetrate deep into stains caused by dirt and wash them away to make your car look like you just drove it out of the showroom.
  • Suitable for All Wheel Types - TriNova knows that not all wheels are the same, which is why they've designed this Wheel Cleaner to be safe for use on all types, from aluminum to chrome to white-wall tires, while still providing the ultimate clean you're looking for. Regardless of material, cleaning them is a cinch with TriNova's spray.
  • Acid-Free Formula - This spray is completely acid-free, which means you won't have to worry about any long-term damage being caused to your wheels just to get the clean you want. Whether you're cleaning the factory wheels on your family SUV, sedan or minivan, or the after-market wheels on your sports car or hobby vehicle, TriNova's Wheel Cleaner provides the protection against dirt and grime your car deserves.
  • Safe and Effective Cleaner - TriNova's Wheel Cleaner is a safe and effective way to give your wheels the sparkling clean you want them to have just like the rest of your car. With this non-toxic spray, you can get that clean without worrying about damaging your already polished or painted wheels or interfering with the lug nuts or brake system on your car it's completely safe and you'll be completely satisfied. Works great with our tire shine gallon!
  • After removing any caked on deposits or mud, apply an even coat to wheel from 6-8 inches away and let stand for 3-5 minutes.
  • Heavy deposits may require agitation with a brush
  • Rinse surface with a full pressure stream from a garden hose
  • Extremely soiled surfaces may require a second application
  • Routine use of this product will allow cleanser to be sprayed on and dirt removed simply by rinsing

"I've seen a lot of wheel cleaners in 40 years of driving. Some work, some are so-so. And then some really impress. The TriNova definitely impressed me. And I didn't give it an easy test, either. My Dad passed away recently, and I retrieved his pickup last weekend to sell it. It's a 2000 Model F150, and Dad didn't believe in washing vehicles. Ever. For any reason. So, this truck has been sitting outside in the weather for 17 years without any cleaning whatsoever. and the brake dust was coating the wheels and the white lettering on the tires was streaming down the black sidewall.

"I gave each of the front wheels a thorough spray of the TriNova, waited a couple of minutes per the instructions, then started wiping with a wet wash mitt. The years of grime and dirt just wiped away. A quick spray with the hose and they were squeaky clean. The finish on the wheels is a little deteriorated from years of neglect, but by gosh they're CLEAN. And if this stuff can clean those, it should be able to handle any normal cleaning chore..." - 1/26/2017