Liquid Carnauba Car Wax

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18 fl oz / 540 ml
  • ADVANCED PAINT SEALANT - Form a gleaming barrier against the sun and scratches.
  • DUAL ACTION - A polymer bond forms a protective coat while natural Carnuba provides the perfect professional glow.
  • PROTECTION - Don't let your paint get damaged from sunlight, rust, corrosion, or another exterior bug attack. Apply a strong polish coating.
  • EASY APPLICATION - No need for an orbital polisher, just wipe on and wipe off with any applicator after a wash.
  • PEACE OF MIND - Know that your automobile is getting the best care possible with a trusted sealer from TriNova, the brand enthusiasts trust.
  • Shake well
  • Apply two dime sized amount to a foam applicator 
  • Spread in overlapping circular motions over the whole surface
  • All 15-30 minutes for drying
  • Wipe away residue using a clean, dry microfiber towel

"I have to say, I love this wax. A simple coat of this wax without any real rubbing gave my paint a glossy, mirror-like reflection with a slippery finish. Even a plastic bottle on a flat surface of my car made the bottle slide. I am truly a big fan and will be using this wax for sure." - 4/4/2017

"This is top of the line wax.I used it on my truck afterward I was standing there watching a fly slide off he could not stick to it.the shine is the best you'll ever get" - 4/8/2017


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