Leather UV Protectant - Anti-Aging Formula

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8 fl oz / 236 mL

The sun isn’t just harsh on skin; it can damage and devalue your leather as well. TriNova’s Anti-Aging Leather Protectant extends the life of leather goods by providing premium UV protection and deep moisture to prevent wear and tear. This specialized formula will keep your leather from fading and cracking associated with prolonged sun exposure and harsh treatment so your prized leather will look as good as new.

Clean surface with a mild detergent and warm water prior to use. Spray product onto a clean towel or cloth and massage into leather. Allow one hour to dry. For best results, apply TriNova's Leather Cleaner to leather surface before use.

"I was looking for a good UV leather protector since my truck has leather dash and seats. The ones I had been using left a glossy sticky finish. Seems dust was attracted to it. Since using TriNova now for about a month I have found that I no longer have dust all over my dash. The dash has a richer look. No oily or sticky film. I bought a bottle for my sister to try since she would be the deciding factor as to whether TriNova was any good. She told me that it made her interior of her BMW look better than it did when it was new. She was having trouble with her old product she was using. I believe we both will be using TriNova for now on." - 6/13/16

"Purchased this product to treat the leather on the interior of our boat. Followed directions on product and application was a breeze. Could definitely see a difference in our leather after product was applied. I plan on purchasing a couple more bottles to keep on hand and treat the leather in our vehicles. We live in Florida where the sun can cause major damage to leather. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to protect their leather in their vehicles or boats." - 9/14/2016


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