Leather Conditioner and Cleaner

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18 fl oz / 540 mL


  • SIMPLE - Easy solution to clean, condition, and protect leather in a single application
  • ENHANCED APPEARANCE - This combination product will clean dirty leather as well as restore color to faded pieces of furniture or well used handbags.
  • PROLONGED USE - neglected leather breaks down more quickly, fading and even cracking. By nourishing the surface and protecting it from UV rays you'll ensure your leather stays in the best possible shape.
  • USA MADE VALUE - Manufactured in Florida with a value-sized bottle and complimentary applicator pad to ensure you can use it as soon as you open your package.
  • A TRUSTED BRAND - TriNova has established itself as a leader in leather care, meaning you can purchase with confidence.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Clean the leather by removing excess dirt with damp cloth.
  • Apply the formula to the enclosed applicator pad and rub thoroughly onto the leather surface. You may also use a clean cloth to apply the product.
  • Allow to dry for 30-45 minutes and then use a dry cloth to gently buff the surface.
  • Reapply, if necessary.
  • Use once a month for effective maintenance of your leather.
  • For a 3-in-1 Cleaning & Restoration Kit, add Leather Nova Cleaner and Leather Nova Conditioner to your list of Leather Care items.
  • Check manufacturer’s labels for any additional warnings. Keep out of reach of children.

"I am loving the Leather Nova products and will use the two separate ones if I have the time but am glad to have the cleaner and conditioner in one for a quick job! It’s easy to use, smell great and leaves your leather looking beautiful!” – 6/6/2014

“Brought back shine to a leather recliner that hasn’t been cleaned since… Well, ever. My grandparents bought a leather set for their living room 4-5 years ago and I took this over yesterday (along with the entire set from Leather Nova) and cleaned their furniture. It looks amazing, better than I had hoped! Easy instructions, comes with cleaning cloth for each product, just a few minutes and the furniture looked almost new again. Would definitely purchase again!” – 5/25/2014

“This product left my saddle looking great. I used the Leather Cleaner first and then this, and the Conditioner/Cleaner gave it an extra shine and am guessing the extra nourishment it so desperately needed. It’s simple to use and smells like normal leather cleaner, but not overly potent. I would completely recommend this product to anyone.” – 6/29/2014

“I have a couch that is all leather and this really helped bring back to life. It is 10 years old. It cleaned up and helped breath new life into it. I am very impressed with this product!” – 5/18/2014

“Let’s not even talk about my ottoman. Can you say dirty feet and shoes? I hit that hard with the Leather Conditioner And Cleaner and killed two birds with one stone. The applicator was D.I.R.T.Y. when I was finished but I had a beautifully clean and conditioned piece of furniture again.” – 10/15/2014

“Within minutes, my leather purse and biker boots looked shiny and new, and our couch definitely looked cleaner too. A little goes a long way since these products really work. Now I won’t dread cleaning my leather things anymore. Thanks Leather Nova!” – 6/2/2014

“This works beautifully. It really restores your leather goods like shoes and purses. My shoes look brand new after using this on them. They feel soft and have a nice gloss to them. I like that it is non-toxic which makes me feel good about using it. I love the soft applicator pad that it comes with….makes it easy to clean and shine my shoes!” – 5/11/2014


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