Hardwood Floor Polish and Restorer

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32 fl. oz / 946 mL
  • RESULTS - Renew wood flooring with our easy to use commercial strength product. Bring out the natural shine and gloss of hardwood.
  • RESTORE - While this product can't undo scratches in the surface of your floor, it will greatly reduce their appearance so that you can enjoy their natural beauty.
  • EASY - Just clean the floor first, then apply our polish and restorer. Next, spread with a mop and let dry to a high gloss finish. Now your floors look their best!
  • Remove loose debris by sweeping or vacuuming (for best results, clean first using TriNova Hardwood Floor Cleaner)
  • Shake well and squirt product directly onto the floor
  • Spread evenly with a clean mop along the grain of wood, working in small sections
  • Allow 1 hour for drying and 24 hours before heavy traffic
  • Apply additional coats as needed

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