Granite Sealer

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18 fl oz / 540 mL
  • Professional Quality Stone Care - TriNova's Granite Sealer & Protectant offers a premium sealant and caring solution for your premium stone surfaces, including marble. Whether you're looking for a sealing product for the first time or a resealer for long-lasting protection, this product can give your granite surfaces the before and after results you want to see.
  • Advanced-Action Stain Protection - This spray uses a powerful blend of polymers to penetrate the stone's naturally porous surface to block out stains from seeping in and becoming permanent. By doing this, TriNova's Granite Sealer also provides a protective layer on top of the granite to prevent water spotting and to keep other residue from sticking.
  • Supreme Multi-Surface Revitalizer - The rock surfaces in your home aren't limited to your kitchen counters or islands, which is why TriNova has developed this product to be safe and perfect to solve nearly any of your problems with interior or exterior surfaces. This sealant's ingredients are completely non-toxic, free of bleach and alcohol, and good for use on surfaces in your bathroom, on your boat, in your camper or even on a worktop or wet bar.
  • Enhancing Formula for Gloss & Shine - TriNova's Granite Sealer & Protectant is essential when the time comes to treat all types of stone and to enhance surfaces for a polished and natural look. It also works miracles on grout to guard against stains that develop between your shower or bath tiles that can be the most difficult to remove with your hands and a sponge, no matter how hard you scrub.
  • Simple & Fast Application - By using just a small microfiber applicator cloth to apply, this spray is the easiest way to take care of your stone. Easy to spray and spread even in tricky areas around your sink, you won't have to worry about using messy creams or leaving excess foam or films that just detract from the attractive appearance of your premium stone surfaces.


  • Clean the stone surface of dirt and residue; we recommend using our Granite Cleaner.
  • Spray product on to surface and buff with a dry microfiber cloth in 3 ft sections.
  • Allow the product to stand for 1-2 minutes
  • Wipe completely dry
  • Allow 1 hour to cure

If you want a step by step guide, view our blog post - How to Seal Granite Countertops.

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