Daily Granite Cleaner

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18 fl oz / 540 mL
  • DESIGNED FOR STONE - cleans effectively without damage unlike general or all-purpose cleaners that can cause dulling
  • ENHANCES SHINE - leaves an attractive shine on any stone surface while also dealing with most common messes and spills
  • PLEASANT SCENT - enjoy a clean smelling kitchen or bathroom instead of a room full of chemical odors
  • NO RESIDUE OR HAZE - your stone will have a mirror-like surface even under bright kitchen lights
  • Spray surface with product
  • Wipe clean with a dry towel
  • Work best with a micro towel 

"We just moved into a home with beautiful stone countertops. I've been using soap and water to clean them but bought the granite cleaner to see if it would do a better job. It is wonderful! I use it every day. It cleans and polishes. The counters shine now. A good purchase!" - 4/5/2017

"It worked a lot better than I expected after I first sprayed it on. The shine lasts now for two weeks. The company was very good at after sale - emailing me not to over spray to keep from streaking - twice they sent me the email. It is on my list of repeaters. It is not designed to take out any hard stain you have, nor be a sealer - but it shines and cleans like a champ" - 3/19/2017


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