Coffee Maker Cleaner & Descaler

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8 oz / 240 mL
  • POWERFUL and SAFE - Just 2 ounces diluted in water is enough to rid your machine of buildup, deposits, residue, limescale and any other grime or debris which can hurt functionality or impact taste.
  • VERSATILE - Compatible and works with fully or semi-automatic machines, manual machines, coffee pod or capsule machines, filter machines, tea kettles, electric water heaters
  • ODORLESS - Unlike Vinegar, this citric acid formula won't impact your morning java, leaves no odor or smell and is tasteless.
  • Compared To Keurig, Delonghi, Durgol, Philips Saeco, Tassimo, Gaggia Descalers / Decalcifiers, And Other Brands Such As Clean Cup, Impressa, Urnex and Essential Value
  • Add 1oz cleaner for every 16oz if water.
  • Run a brew cycle, discarding the water down a drain.
  • Repeat until the reservoir is empty.
  • Flush by running two cycles of fresh water after cleaning.
  • Repeat monthly to maintain peak operating condition.

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