Car Wash Bundle

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Complete Detailing Supplies for Cleaning Your Car. Soap, Wax, Tire Shine, Trim Restorer, Wash Mitt, Applicator, Microfiber Towel, Quick Detailer, and Interior Detailer.

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Use the products trusted by enthusiasts and detailers nationwide. TriNova products are formulated by specialists with years of industry experience to be the best.
  • COMPLETE CAR CARE - From the first rinse to the last wipe, this kit is all inclusive. Our shampoo lifts dirt and grime and the carnauba wax will protect from UV rays while adding a glossy showroom shine. Make the tires look new using tire shine.
  • ACCESSORIES - The products won't perform their best with improper application. Microfiber towels and pads, sponges, a wash mitt and patented rubber grip applicators allow you to get the job done right.
  • VALUE - Even though TriNova is a premium brand, we want everyone to have access to our best-in-class formulas. We developed this kit for maximum impact on looks and minimum impact on the wallet. Purchased individually the items in our Kit would cost over $100!