For All Pod Machines

Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaner
  1. Remove K-cups or other pods from the machine as well as any water filters
  2. Disable any auto-off features according to your user’s manual
  3. Turn off the power on your brewer
  4. Fill the water reservoir as you normally would, adding 1oz of TriNova descaler for every 16oz water
  5. Run a cleansing brew using your machine’s largest brew size into a mug or safe pitcher
  6. Repeat this process until “add water” is indicated on your brewer – then let it stand for 30 minutes
  7. After 30 minutes, empty your water reservoir and rinse it thoroughly with fresh water
  8. Fill the reservoir and run a cleansing brew with the largest brew size, and repeat until you have emptied the reservoir – discarding water.
  9. Enjoy a fresh and tasty cup of coffee!

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